I am Pragya, a full-time illustrator and licensing artist.

Originally from India, I now call United States my home. I live here with my husband, our son, dog Montana and bunny rabbit Bee. 

Early 2010 I found my voice as an illustrator and soon realized I could make a living doing what I love. In addition to selling my work online and in various stores around the country I also license my illustrations. 

Fascinated with the world around me, I use my favorite animate and inanimate things as a means to tell a story. I'm a lover of bright saturated colors and use them to add humor, beauty and playfulness to the ordinary. 

I hope to transmit the happiness I feel while creating my work to the people who see what I create. 

I live and work in Edison, NJ.

Pragya (p-r-uh-g-y-aa)

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